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      Xinhua Silk Road

      Xinhua Silk Road is a national-level information platform that facilitates the Belt and Road Initiative of China.

      Xinhua Silkroad (www.imsilkroad. com) is a multilingual information service platform. Focusing on the Belt and Road Initiative, the website provides comprehensive news, data and services to governments, corporations and other institutions. Xinhua Silkroad is an Internet-based information product available in four languages (Chinese, English, Italian and Thai) to serve the investment and trade needs of clients in China and around the world with database, consultation, think-tank, and transaction facilitation.

      Xinhua Silkroad has a worldwide circle of friends. The Belt and Road Economic Information Partnership it initiated in 2019 is included in the List of Deliverables of the Second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, and has over 30 international members, such as global news agencies, financial think tanks and other internationally renowned information providers. The included in the can provide clients with all-round information and services at home and abroad.

      Our customers

       Government Departments Corporations

      CEIS provides governments at central and local levels with news, analysis, data, research, consultation, and other services required for decision-making and administration.

      CEIS provides corporations with policy interpretation, economic analysis, data quotation, research, and other services.

      Our products


      Our services

      Database services

      Its database covers laws and regulations, latest policies, macroeconomic conditions, as well as the latest information on projects, public security risk, and investment risk of various countries.

      Consultation and think tank services

      The consultation and think tank services draw strength from Xinhua's global information collection system, professional team of economic analysts, as well as internationally renowned think tanks and other trusted partners to provide tailor-made solutions for our clients.

      Transaction facilitation

      The transaction facilitation helps with the business negotiations and project investment of the clients.

      Our advantage


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