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      Xinhua Index

      Xinhua Index is an integrated provider of index compilation, publishing, operation, and promotion.

      Our Business

      Securities index

      o provide on-demand index solutions and underlying investment targets for banks, insurers, funds, securities and other financial institutions and large enterprises, helping them improve management efficiency, reduce transaction costs and enhance investment returns with analysis and research, investment and trading, risk diagnosis, market development and brand promotion in the areas of index.

      Commodity spot price index

      To provide commodity spot price index and service for governments and industry leaders, focusing on industry, agriculture and forestry, helping local governments or industries build pricing systems and gain pricing rights.

      Theme-specific evaluation index

      To provide independent evaluation models, data diagnosis, special consulting and big data mining applications for governments, industry organizations, enterprises and other market participants, helping enhance improve brand value and upgrade industrial digital management.

      Our strengths

      Cooperation models


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