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      Xinhua·Qingdao China-Japan-ROK Index Series program signed Thu.


      BEIJING, Jan. 29 (Xinhua) -- East China's Qingdao, a coastal hub port city and renowned tourism destination in the country, bore witness to the cooperative agreement signing for the Xinhua · Qingdao China-Japan-ROK Index Series program on Thursday.

      The program agreement, signed by Qingdao City Construction Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., Ronghe Holding and China Economic Information Service (CEIS), targets constructing a series of index instruments to guide the city's further opening up to the markets of Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK).

      Qingdao, an important member of the city clusters in Shandong peninsula in east China, proposed this year to accelerate building of the China-Japan-ROK consumption special zone and China-Japan (Qingdao) local development cooperation demonstration zone and leverage the role of Jiaodong economic circular in boosting China-Japan-ROK local economic and trade cooperation to craft a portal of opening up towards Japan and the ROK.

      Under the program, the China-Japan-ROK economic and trade index and Qingdao index for related securities transaction will be constructed. The series of indexes are expected to be an international appraisal model and digital information spread carrier featuring China-Japan-ROK cooperation and after related conditions are mature, the China-Japan-ROK cross-market securities index is planned to be explored for releasing to gratify local cross-border investment need.

      For the China-Japan-ROK economic trade index, multiple aspects and layers of big data will be factored into the indicator to depict Qingdao's position in and contributions to the China-Japan-ROK trade and economic development.

      The Qingdao index for related securities transaction is intended to shape an index investment tool to draw more attention and financial resources to the city from domestic and foreign capital markets.

      According to the three parties, the Xinhua · Qingdao China-Japan-ROK Index Series program agreement was inked on the major projects signing ceremony held in the West Coast New Area of Qingdao on Thursday.

      CEIS is an economic information provider under Xinhua News Agency and boasts multiple key information service platforms such as the Xinhua Finance, Xinhua Silk Road, Xinhua Credit, and Xinhua Indices. Xinhua Indices provides comprehensive indices compiling, releasing, operating and promotion services. (Edited by Duan Jing with Xinhua Silk Road, duanjing@xinhua.org)

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